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Over and above the monthly newsletter we also publish a number of extremely informative articles. Enjoy them below.

A Bridge Too Far – Ian Cox
A Deadly Little Fly – Ian Cox
A Gentleman’s Guide To The Art Of Trout Fishing – Jolyon Nuttall
A Langabaan Interlude – Graeme Neary
A Loss Of Trust – Ian Cox
A Jerk At One End – Laurence Davies
Advent Of Nylon (1960) – Green Nymph
Adventure Fishing Part 1 – Mark Bowen
Adventure Fishing Part 2 – Mozambique – Dave Smith
Adventure Fishing Part 3 – Sterkfontein – Ian Cox
An Entirely Synthetic Fish – Ian Cox
Angus’ Trout – Marshall Fullstone
Another NEM:BA Update – Ian Cox
Are Trout Anglers Elitist – Ian Cox
Articles By Dr Steven Brooks
Back To School- Ian Cox
Backcasts – Ian Cox
Barbed or Barbless – Laurence Davies
Beginners Corner – Various
Big East Griqualand Rainbows – Green Nymph
Big Fish Country – Ian Cox
Blanking and Other Mishaps That Contribute to the Fun – Andrew Mather
Blanking In Paradise – Ian Cox
Blanking The Bushmans – Ian Cox
Bushman’s River – April 2015 – Andrew Maher
Caddisfly – Ian Cox
Cape Vidal February 2014 – Graeme Neary
Cape Vidal February 2015 – Dave Shephard
Cape Vidal Memories – Various
Cape Vidal – November 2015 – Graeme Neary
CAR vs CAD – Laurence Davies
Caring For Your Fly Fishing Lines
Catskills Museum Presentation
Chasing Rainbows (Or Trying To Catch Mullet On Fly) – Ian Cox
Cheap But Not Even A Little Bit Nasty – Ian Cox
Chilling Out While Catching Bugger All – Ian Cox
CHOICES CHOICES (On chosing thread) – Ian Cox
Come As You Are – Andrew Savides
The Complete Guide To Vidal – Allan O’Connor
Community – Gordon van der Spuy
Contrast, Movement, Vulnerabilty – Ed Herbst
Cooking Trout – Jolyon Nuttall
Cunning Plans and Other Disasters – Ian Cox
Damsels And Dragons – Ian Cox
DFTC To Brewitts 2015 – Bruce Curry
Digging Deep For The Team – Linda Gorlei
Do Fish Feel Pain – Ian Cox
Does The Aquaculture Bill Affect Trout Fishing? – Ian Cox
Doing The Right Thing – Ian Cox
Eastern Cape Journey- Ian Cox
El Nino Is Back – Ian Cox
Fake Laws – Ian Cox
Farmers Weekly Article – Ilan Lax
FAQs About Trout – Ian Cox
February at Sterkfontein – Ian Cox
Fishing By Moon Phase – Mike Anderson
Fishing with Roy and his Handicap – Laurence Davies
Fishing the rivers of Patagonia in Argentina (December 2015) – Stelios Comninos
Fishing for Yellows on the Riet River – Andrew Mather
Fishing Know-where – Craig Ebersohn
Flyfishing The Ash River At Clarens – Derek Salzman
FlyWorx Dubbing – Ian Cox
Fly Line Care
Fly Tying For Feather Brains
Frequent_Flies – Ian Cox
Getting Peacock Herl Right – Ian Cox
Gordon’s Course
Heart-warming Results and Heartbreak – Jolyon Nuttall
Hidden Gold – Bruce Curry
Hooks Of All Shapes And Sizes – Laurence Davies
How To Object To The Listing Of Trout As Invasive
Improvements In Fly Lines (1961) – Griqua
Impressions Of Impressions Are Caught In A Volume Of Meaning – Neels Blom
In Search Of Orange – Ian Cox
In The Eye Of The Beholder – Ian Cox
Jack Blackman On Retrieving Flies – Jack Blackman
Jack Blackman
Jackies Corner
Joining The Dots – Ian Cox
Junk Food Fly – Greg (Transvaal Fly Fishers Association)
Kicking Up A Storm – Ian Cox
Kosi Bay – Ian Cox
KZN Trout Mapping Meeting – Ian Cox
Letter To The MEC – Final – Ilan Lax and Ian Cox
Magic Wands – Ian Cox
Making An LED Fly Tying Lamp – Stelios Comninos
Making Foam Popper Heads – Ian Cox
Man Caves – Ian Cox
Memories Of Catching Bonefish In The Yucatan – 1998
Memories of the Kamberg – Joylon Nuttall
Memories Of Trout Fishing In Alaska 2002 – Stelios Comninos
More On Books – Ian Cox
Mpumalanga 2016 AGM – Ian Cox
Midges Or Bugs That Bite – Ian Cox
Native or Not? – Ian Cox and Andrew Mather
Neary At Vidal Again – Graeme Neary
New Fresh Water Fisheries Policy – Ian Cox
Nymph Sticks – Ian Cox
Observations Of A Sterkies Virgin – Laurence Davies
On Bruce Curry’s 50th Birthday – Laurence Davies
On Creating A Fly Pack – Ian Cox
On Fly Tying Proportions – David Luke
On Legends And Fly Tying For Carp – Ian Cox
On Preserving Materials – Ian Cox
Online Fly Tying Courses
RDPS Charity Event – Ian Cox
Salmo Taddy Black – Wayne Stegan
Shopping For Fly Fishing Materials In London – Laurence Davies
Smuggler Nymph – Stelios Comninos
Some Ideas On How To Fly Fish For The Natal Scalie – Ian Cox
Some Lessons From Cape Vidal – Laurence Davies
Some Thoughts On The Future Of Fresh Water Recreational
Some Thoughts On Trout Management – Bob Crass
Surgeon’s Swivel – Laurence Davies
Switching Lines – Ian Cox
Tack Free Diamond Fine UV Resin – Ian Cox
Terry Andrew’s Big Fish And Dragons – Ian Cox
The African Renaissance And Other Lies – Ian Cox
The Bushmans – Graeme Neary
The Dead To The World Drift – Ian Cox
The EXPO Roadshow – Ian Cox
The Fisherman – Victoria Cox
The HD Dragon Recipe
The Maloti Minnow – Ian Cox
The New Snowbee XS – Andrew Mather
The NFFC Gala Dinner – Tom Sutcliffe
The Fly Tying Expo – Ian Cox
The Real Reason Why The DDD Works – Ian Cox
The River Suir – Stelios Comninos
The Trouble With Water – Ian Cox
Theodore_Castwell – G. E. M. Skues
Those Trout Were Too Cunning For Me – Joe Yates
Tips From Gordon – Gordon Van Der Spuy
Tippet Selection
Tips From Gordon – April – Gordon Van Der Spuy
Too_Much_Cox – Ian Cox
Trading Rights For Permits – Ian Cox
Tribalism and Trout – Ian Cox
Trout And Biodiversity – Ian Cox
Trout Threatened In KwaZulu Natal – Ian Cox
Trout Wars April 2018 – Ian Cox
Trout Wars May 2018 – Ian Cox
Trout Wars – Ian Cox
Tying The Quick Taddy – Ian Cox
Tying Tips Beyond The Blue Zulu – Davie McPhail
Uncovering the Umgeni – Ian Cox
Update On Stelios’ Fly Tying Lamp
Update on the Future of Trout – Ian Cox
Using CDC Without Marc Petitjeans Expensive Tools
Wading Boots – Ian Cox
Water – Ian Cox
Workshops 2014 – Gordon Van der Spuy
What Happens After Catch And Release – Ian Cox
When Truth Is Stranger Than A Flyfishers Tale – Ian Cox
Where Are Trout Now – Ian Cox
Where Have All The Fish Gone – Dr Steven Brooks
Where Trout Are – Ian Cox
Why I Tie Flies – Ian Cox
Why – Ian Cox
Why Trout – Ian Cox
Wild Coolers
Wise Words From Jolyon Nuttall – Jolyon Nuttall
You Need FOSAF – Ian Cox
Xplorer Scalie Weekend – Ian Cox

Environment and the Law

Part 1: Introducing the Constitution and the environment
Part 2: It’s a human right, silly
Part 3: The importance of participation
Part 4: Obey the rules – the Earthlife Africa climate change case
Part 5: New wine in old skins
Part 6: Are the environmental principles really that necessary?
Part 7: The proof of the pudding
Part 8: The meaning of environment
Part 9: The role of the state as custodian of the environment
Part 10: Are we part of nature
Part 11: Regulating the domestic trade in rhino horn
Part 12: NEMBA on Alien and Invasive Species
Part 13: Aliens and the Constitution
Part 14: Invasive Species
Part 15: Fact vs Opinion
Part 16: NEMBA and the Struggle for Control
Part 17: Amending NEMBA and How Government Deals Alien Invasive Species
Part 18: What Does It Mean To Control Invasive Species
Part 19: What is a Species
Part 20: Working Against Decency
Part 21: Born a Crime
Part 22: Bad Law