About Us

We are a group of fly fishermen who share a common interest in the art of fly tying. The aim of our club is to give its members an enjoyable forum to discuss and demonstrate all forms and techniques of this age old art. We don’t limit ourselves to any particular style of tying or pattern. We tie for what our member’s fish and that is everything, from salt water to fresh, from small streams to dams and everything in between. Though we run an annual fly tyer of the year competition this is a light hearted affair. The club is avowedly non competitive. Its focus is on a friendly sharing of the fly tying knowledge and skills of its members. We therefore welcome all fly-tyers and potential fly tyers regardless of their level of skill or experience.

Benefits of being a Member

1) Learn to tie flies and improve your tying skills

2) Fish your own flies on our regular outings

3) Receive the Bobbin on a monthly basis

4) Beginners table to teach the basics techniques of fly tying

5) Starter pack for new members (Badge and fly tying DVD from past meetings)

6) Advice to beginners on selection of materials and tools