Polish Nymph

Polish Nymph

Fly tied by Jay Smit at the April 2007 meeting


Hook 3x curved nymph #10 – 14
Thread Hyperfine black or any suitable fine thread
Head Brass Bead
Upper Body Use rubber legs
Body Two colours of thin wool or Fine Dubbed thread
Rib Optional Clear Mono
Legs Black Hackle
Thorax Fine Rabbit
Weight 6 turns Siman square lead (size dependant on weighting required)

Tying Instructions

Wrap 6 turns of square lead around shank and position leading edge 1/2 way down shank. Leave about 1 to 2 mm gap between lead and bead.Using 3/0 or heavier floss form wrap around lead forming a tapered body and tie off.Using a pair of pliers gently flatten the body in a horizontal plane.

Using the 6/0 thread tie in a rubber leg by its tip on the left side of the body nearest the head. Tie in all along the left side of the body and secure just behind the tapered body formed earlier. Snip off the excess leg and repeat on the right side of the body.

Tie in one of the wool threads just behind the bead and tie in all along the left side of the body on top of the rubber going all the way back to behind the barb. Repeat with other colour wool on the right side of the body. Tie off the thread. The wool should be at least 150mm long.

For details of the Polish weave method go to http://flyguysoutfitting.com/shuttleweave.html

Invert he fly in the vice. (hook now upside down) Holding the lighter piece of wool in the left hand and the Darker in the right pull the Lighter over the body to the right, down and slightly back under your right hand. Now bring the Darker wool (Right Hand) slightly forward over the Lighter wool and down under the body and slightly up and back. Your arms should now be crossed with your right arm above the left.

Now the tricky bit, keeping constant pressure on the thread bring the Lighter wool left handback over the top of the body and down under the Right hand. Push the left hand slightly back and bring the right hand toward you then down and back across to the right and slightly up always keeping constant tension on the thread.

The first weave should now be complete. Repeat all the way up to just behind the bead forming a neat body with one colour on the top of the fly and the other underneath.

Tie a simple knot behind the bead to prevent unraveling.

Tie in the 6/0 thread just behind he knot. Enough wraps to stop the wool unraveling. Undo the knot in the wool tied earlier and clip away the excess wool in front of the thread.

Tie in a small bunch of black hackle for the legs.

Lightly apply tack to the thread and touch the dubbing lightly to the thread. DO NOT OVER DUB. Now wind the dubbing up to the bead forming the thorax and tie off.

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