Elk Hair Caddis Variant

Elk Hair Caddis Variant

This is a dry fly favoured by trout fisherman in small streams


Hook Dry Fly 2x # 12 or # 14
Thread 6/0 Thread – Brown
Body Natural Rabbit Grey
Hackle Orange Hen
Wing Fine Elk Hair

Tying Instructions

Tie in the thread and dress hook down to above the barb.

Take the hackle and stroke from tip to base to get the barbs ar right angles to stem.

Tie in the hackle base end above the barb with the tip facing back.

Spin a slender dubbing noodle using the rabbit then wrap forward to form the body.

Tie off behind the eye leaving room for the head of the fly.

Wrap the hackle forward in even turns to the same point and tie off.

Take a bunch of elk hair (size to match the hook). Pull out the fluff at the base.

Stack in a stacker to get the tips even.

Tie in the wing behind the hook eye. The wing should be slightly longer than the hook.

Cuta way all the elk hair that extends beyond the hook eye and the form a thread head over the deer hair.

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