The Bay Glassy

The Bay Glassy

The Bay Glassy tied for us by Russell Coote at the February 2007 Meeting. This is a fly that he tied to imitate the Glassy found in the Durban harbour. This fly caught many species but was primarily used when targeting Springer.


Hook SS Debarbed #4 to 1/0
Thread Black
Tail A small bunch of Crystal Flash
Body White Kinky Fibre
Rib Black Cotton
Lateral Line Black Flash or Peacock Herl
Weight None

Tying Instructions

Tie in the Crystal Flash just behind the hook eye and with a wide thread spiral tie in all the way back to the hook barb and back.Tie in a sparse bunch of the white kinky fibre by the tips behind the hook eye leaving room for the head. Fold the fibre back over the top forming a loop and tie in on top. Snip through the loop.

Tie in a few strand of Black Flash or Peacock herl for the lateral line.

Tie in another small bunch of the white kinky fibre on top to complete the body.

Make a neat head with the black thread, tie off and varnish. Try and make the head as round as possible because it is meant to simulate the black eye of the glassy.

Fishing Instructions

Fish this fly very slowly and in some cases when the glassy’s are being smashed by game fish a dead drift works well.

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