Kamberg Nymph

Kamberg Nymph

By  Mike Blackhouse

Kamberg Nymph


Hook TMC 9300 #10 or equivalent
Thread 3/0 tan or olive
Tail Blood quill marabou olive together with a few Blood Quill marabou fibers in brown
Body Same as for tail
Eyes Tan chenille
Weight 7 to 14 turns of .010 lead wire

Tying Instructions

1) Lay a thread base from the eye to the bend of the hook building up the thread at the bend to support the tail.

2) Tie in the chenille eyes figure of eight style leaving the tags attached to be used later.

3) Wind in 7 to 14 turns of lead wire starting directly behind the eyes wrapping towards the bend.

4) Tie in olive and brown blood quill marabou. The tail should be 1.5 length of the hook shank. Make sure that the tail is tied in behind the thread mounting at the bend of the hook so it stands up proud and tail wrap is largely avoided.

5) Twist and wrap the rest of the marabou fibers back to the eye of the hook. Pull hard on the thread as you tie off so that the fly does not become unwound during use.

6) You will find that there is a very small gap between the tie off point and the eyes which will be filled with dubbed olive and brown marabou fibers. The next move is to tie off between the chenille eyes and at the eye of the hook.

7) It is important to have a good quality pair of curved scissors as the tail needs be cut to shape of a dragon abdomen and also this helps further to avoid tail wrap.

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