Tarpon Toad

Tarpon Toad


Hook Gamagatsu SC15 1/0-2/0
Thread 3/0 or finer colour to match
Head Bead Chain
Tail Marabou
Body Zonker Strip
Front Body Wool

Tying Instructions

1) Dress shank of hook and tie in Bead Chain behind the hook eye.

2) Tie in a bunch marabou above the barb.

3) Tie in the Zonker in front of the marabou and give 2 wraps forward toward the hook eye and tie off. Make sure the fibres are not trapped.

4) Tie in short lengths of yarn at 90 deg to the shank using figure of 8 method.

5) Repeat this process right up to the bead chain eyes.

6) Trim the yarn evenly to shape the body.

7) Form a neat thread head in front of the bead chain and whip finish.

8) This fly can be fished in the surf zone with as sinking line as well as letting it drift in deeper water.

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