No Name Nymph

No Name Nymph

This fly designed by Roger Baert was tied for us at the July 2007 meeting by Paul Leisegang


Hook Nymph #10 to #6
Thread Brown or Black 6/0
Tail Cock Hackle Short and Krystal Flash
Body Short fibre synthetic Dubbing such as Antron (Sparse)
Rib Gold Oval Tinsel
Thorax Same as body (Heavier Application)
Wing Case Swiss Straw – Raffia
Legs Pick out underside of Thorax
Weight Can be weighted with a few turns of lead if required.

Tying Instructions

If Required wrap 5 or 6 turns of lead around shank and position leading edge just under 1/2 way down shank.Dress the hook with tying thread to above the barb.Tie in a small bunch of the cock hackle for the tail at this point with a strand of krystal flash either side.Tie in the gold rib and clip into the material holder.

Lightly apply tack to the thread and touch the dubbing lightly to the thread. DO NOT OVER DUB. Now roll the dubbing onto the thread and wind up to about 2/3 from hook eye leaving space for thorax and head.

Wrap the gold tinsel forward to this point and tie off .

Tie in the raffia pointing back.

Dub the thread more heavily this time and wrap forward forming the thorax. This should be fatter than the rear body section. Leave enough room for the head.

Pull the raffia forward over the thorax to form a neat wing case and tie off.

Form a small neat head with the thread and varnish with head cement.

Pick out the dubbing under the thorax for the legs.

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