Bead Head Caddis

Bead Head Caddis

This simple fly works well for both Yellowfish and Trout and can be effectively fished in rivers and still waters.


Hook Scud #12 to #16
Thread To match Dubbing
Rib Green Wire (Gold or Copper)
Body Life Cycle Dubbing Bright Green (Brown,Tan or Olive)
Eyes Brass or Tungsten Bead

Tying Instructions

Dress the hook with thread behind the eye until the bead sits snug. Seat with a drop of super glue.Tie in the Rib right back to 1/3 into the bend of the hook.

Form a dubbing loop at this point and spin a tapered dubbing thread.

Wind forward to behind Bead forming a tapered curved body. Secure with thread and tie off.

Wind the rib forward in the opposite direction and secure behind bead.

Apply a tiny bit of super glue to the thread before tying off.

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