Mylar Sprat

Mylar Sprat

This fly is fished with a floating line in rip currents in surf, bays or estuaries.


Hook Stainless Steel 2xLong  #1 to 2/0
Thread Clear Mono
Tail A small bunch of Calf Tail with 2 strands Flash both Sides.
Body Flash or sparkle dubbing. Mylar Tube pulled over hook eye tied in above barb
Eyes Bead Chain tied in on top of hook just behind eye

Tying Instructions

Tie in calf tail at bend of hook. Add a few strand of flash on both sides.Wrap thread to just behind eye and tie in bead chain eyes on top of hook. Set with a drop of super glue.

Wrap hook shank from eyes to tail with flash or sparkle dubbing.

Place the thread in line with barb. Cut a piece of Mylar tube twice the length of the hook. Fold in half and pierce with a bodkin in the center of the fold.

Now push the point of the bodkin through the eye of the hook from the top and by applying pressure on the forward section of Mylar slip the Mylar over the eye of the hook.

Remove bodkin and stroke the Mylar over the top and bottom of the eyes and secure with a few wraps of thread at the barb.

Tip: Brush some superglue onto the thread before taking the last few turns and then tie off.

Using the bodkin stroke out the strands behind the barb to form a flash collar around the tail.

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