Salty Bugger

Salty Bugger

A very simple and easy fly to tie, but very effective. This fly has already landed over 20 species (salt) for Hoosen.


Hook No 4 or 6
Weight Optional – add few turns of lead wire
Tail Maribou (white) + Krystal flash (pearl)
Body Slf dubbing / dubbing brush / tinsel chenille – pearl
Eyes Bead

Tying Instructions

Flatten barb – insert bend up to mark eye.Tie in thread from behind bead to bend of hook

Tie in generous bunch of marabou – length of shank. Wind down shank to behind bend and back again.

Tie in strand of krystal flash either side of tail.

Tie in dubbing brush / chinille, wind evenly up to bead and tie off. Pick out body. Do not taper as in nymph.


  • Aviod thin profile
  • Avoid tapering
  • Add several turns of lead wire
  • Above colours are optional

Here is a list of some of the species that Hoosen has caught with this fly:

Torpedo scad, springer, queen fish, kingfish (various), gurnard, shad, salad fish, garrick, garfish, pinkie, wave garrick, karanteen, blacktail, moonie, flagtail, threadfin mullet, thorn fish, perch, kob, sand steenbras, wrasse, kawa kawa, 5 species in the maldives

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