One of SA’s most famous dry flies, the Red Arsed Bastard


Hook Dry Fly 12-16
Thread Red 6/0 or finer
Tail Hackle Fibres
Body Pheasant Tail
Legs Pheasant Tail
Hackle Brown or Furnace and White or Cream Hen

Tying Instructions

1) Dress the hook shank with thread.

2) Tie in a mixture of white and brown hackle fibres above the barb.

3) Wrap the thread forward 1/3 of shank.

4) Tie in a bunch of about 5 pheasant tail fibres at their mid point with the tips pointing forward.

5) Wrap the butt ends of the pheasant tail forward forming a body and tie off .

6) Spread the pheasant tail tips evenly around the hook shank and secure in position with a few wraps.

7) Tie in the Brown hackle just ahead of the legs with the shiny side and tip facing back.

8) Tie in the other hackle behind the hook eye with tip facing forward (leave enough room for a small thread head) The thread should now be just behind the hook eye.

9)Wrap the brown hackle forward to where the thread is.

10) Wrap the thread back through the hackle to just in front of the legs. Trim off the brown hackle tip.

11) Now wrap the white hackle back through the brown hackle toward the legs then wrap the thread forward to behind the hook eye securing the hackle in place.

12) Form a small thread head and tie off.

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