Hi Tie

Hi Tie

A Bait fish imitation


Hook SS Short Shank  1/0 to 2/0
Body Polar Fleece Colour of Choice
Head Holographic Eye’s + Epoxy
Flash To match

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in a small piece of red marabou (or Hot Pink Polar Fibre) under the hook above the barb.

2) Tie in a small bunch of Polar Fleece at the same point above the hook. Repeat with a second bunch on top but slightly forward.

3) Tie in a few strands of flash on top.

4) Then Tie in a small bunch of chartreuse followed by green and finally grey. (Experiment with various colour combinations.)

5) Comb the body to shape then using superglue glue eyes in place.

6) Finally when super glue is dry colour the head area with marker pen and build up some epoxy over the front of the eye and head.

Tying Tip

When cutting the Polar Fleece turn the material upside down and cut a small rectangle out by inserting a sharp pair of scissors just under the fabric weave as shown. Then hold the fibre and snip off the fabric weave. Comb out the excess fibres.


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