Tom’s Gully Fly

Tom’s Gully Fly

Ties by Tom Gifford to fly fish gullies.


Hook Gamakatsu SC15 #4 #2
Thread 3/0 or finer (colour of choice) Pref Red Head
Eyes Black bead chain
Body Yarn Colour of choice
Wing Pearl Crystal Flash

Tying Instructions

1) Dress shank of hook and tie in bead chain eyes.

2) Form a nice body with thread (colour of choice) behind the eyes.

3) Super glue or cement the body and eyes. (Its a good idea to prepare a no. of bodies and let the glue dry before continuing)

4) Reverse the hook in the vice to ease application of the wing .

5) Take a small pinch of pearl Crystal Flash and tie in between eyes and hook eye.

6) Form a neat thread head with preferably red thread.

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