Hare & Copper

Hare & Copper

This fly  was tied for us at the July meeting by Paul Gregg.


Hook 3x strong nymph #16 – 12
Thread Hyperfine black or any suitable fine thread
Tail  Seal guard hair
Body Hares Ear and Antron dubbing mix
Rib Fine Copper Wire
Hackle Black or Reddish Brown
Weight 6 turns Siman square lead (size dependant on weighting required)

Tying Instructions

Wrap 6 turns of square lead around shank and position leading edge 1/2 way down shank. Select bunch of seal hair, clip and remove underfur. (Keep this for dry fly dubbing).Tie in and bind down on top of the shank to beginning of lead. Clip off excess and tie down forming a smooth transition to the lead.Tie in the copper rib on the side of the hook so that it’s leading edge is secured behind the junction of lead and shank this will ensure that the first ribbing wrap crosses over the vulnerable tail tie in spot on top of the hook. This will present a smooth uniform underbody for your dubbing.

Bind in the rib to a position between the barb and point of the hook. Lightly apply tack to the thread and touch the dubbing lightly to the thread. DO NOT OVER DUB. Now roll the dubbing tightly onto the thread and wind up to junction of shank and lead. Rib through with copper wire right to behind the eye of the hook.

This will give the fly extra weight at little additional bulk. Again add tack to the thread and apply dubbing. This time do not dub tightly to the thread as you need the bulk of the thorax plus the movement. I lay a foundation of zig zag dubbing before finally running the finished layer in close turns. This gives security to the underlying dubbing and prevents it from coming off the fly adding durability.

I don’t bother to pick out the thorax as the lightly dubbed hares ear is very spikey besides a few fish and it is as buggy as you will want.

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