Coleford Limey

Coleford Limey

This fly  is a Peter Briggs Creation which he first tied and fished at Coleford  in 1992. It proved so successful that it attained almost legendary status as a taker of trout with his angling companions. Peter in the true spirit of a fly fisherman shared the recipe and creation of this fly with us at the October 2002 meeting of the Durban Fly Tyers.


Hook Nymph #12 to #16 2x or 3x
Thread Black
Tail A small bunch of black Hackle
Body Lime or Olive Green Marabou
Rib Fine Copper Wire
Hackle Black or Reddish Brown
Weight Lead wire if Required  Brass Bead if preferred

Tying Instructions

Dress the hook with thread to a point opposite the barb. Tie in a small bunch of Black Hackle fibers and the ribbing at the same point.Strip a bunch of marabou fibers from the quill and tie in by the points, Wind the thread up to near the eye of the hook.Twist the marabou fibers into a rope an wind forward in touching turns to form the body. Stroke the fibers back between each turn. Tie off allowing space for the hackle and head. Trim excess marabou.

Bring the ribbing forward in 3-4 even turns (opposite direction to body) making sure you do not trap the marabou fibers. Tie off and trim.

Tie in the hackle by the tip and wind forward in 4 even turns stroking back between turns. Tie off and trim just behind the eye.

When forming the head pull the hackle fibers back and trap at the base with a few loose turns. The hackle fibers must lie back over the body.

Finish the head neatly. Tie off and varnish.

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