Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Tied by Graeme Neary.


Hook SS Size #4-#6
Thread Personal Preference
Tail White Marabou + Crystal Flash
Body Chartreuse Chenille
Eyes Bead Chain

Tying Instructions

1. Dress the hook, tie in eyes a few millimeters back from the hook eye.

2. Take a good pinch of marabou for the tail approx length of the hook shank.

3. Add a few strands of either side of the tail.

4. Tie in a piece of chenille at the bend just above the barb.

5.Wind the chenille forward to eyes, run between the eyes and tie off.

6. Optional add a small marabou wing. This should extend to the hook point.

Take your evil eye and head for the nearest saltwater gully. If the fish are feeding results are virtually guaranteed.

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