Half and Half

Half And Half

Another baitfish imitation.


Hook 2/0 SS
Thread Clear 3/0 (spook thread)
Tail 4 White Hen Hackle’s and Crystal Flash
Body Pearlescent Flash
Wing Chartreuse Buck tail Topped with Peacock Herl or Gray Bucktail
Thread Dumbbell Eyes

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in the Dumbbell eyes behind the eye leaving room for the head.

2) Tie in 4 Hackles either side of hook bend at barb and wrap forward to behind eyes. Tie in a few strands of Crystal flash either side of hackle.

3) Tie in Pearlescent flash above barb and wrap forward to behind eyes. Secure with thread. Can be reinforced with super glue to make the fly more durable.

4) When this has dried. Reverse the hook in the jaws and tie in a small bunch of Chartreuse buck tail in front of the eyes. At this point a few strands of flash can be added.

5) Tie in a few strands of peacock herl or the grey buck tail to complete the wing.

6) Finish off the head and apply your favourite head cement. Paint the eyes if desired.

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