Backwater Bass Bent Back

Backwater Bass Bent Back


Hook Stinger 2/0 or bigger
Thread Red or Olive 3/0
Flash Of Choice
Body Chartreuse Cactus Chenille
Tail Olive Buck tail and Peacock Hurl
Head Red and Olive Hackle

Tying Instructions

1) Prepare the hook by putting in a slight bend about 1/3 from eye. Bend just enough to get the hook to swim point up.

2) Starting right from within the bend of the hook wrap the cactus chenille forward to the bend and tie off.

3) Tie in a clump of buck tail on top of the shank at the bend. (hook point up). This must extend beyond the hook and also acts as a weed guard by protecting the hook point.

4) Tie in some flash above the buck tail. This can be slightly longer than the buck tail..

5) Top of with 5 or 6 peacock hurls.

6) Just ahead of the Buck tail tie in a red hackle buy the base, curved side down and wrap forward in tight turns forming a neat collar.

7) Just in front of the red repeat with an Olive hackle.

8) Form a neat thread head, whip finish and cement.


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