Klinkhammer Variant

Klinkhammer Variant

A trout fly variation tied by Peter Brigg.


Hook Partridge 15BNX ‘Klinkhamer Extreme’ 12-16
Thread Black 6/0 or finer
Shuck Antron fibres or stretched slingwrap film
Body Stripped Peacock Hurl
Rib Fine Copper Wire
Wing Closed cell foam and hackle
Thorax Peacock Hurl

Tying Instructions

1) Dress the hook shank with thread.2) Tie in the thin strip of foam on top of the hook about 1/3 back from the eye. Secure with fig of 8 wraps and then wrap around base above hook and fold upward to form a wing post.

3) Tie in the strands of antron at the bend of the hook to form the shuck.

4) At the same point tie in the rib and the stripped peacock hurl.

5) Wrap the hurl forward to behind the wing forming a tapered body and tie off.

6) Wrap the rib in even turns to the same point and tie off.

7) Tie in the hackle butt end under the wing and bend at 90 deg. so it is pointing toward you.

8) Tie one or two strands peacock hurl under wing and wrap behind and in front to form a neat thorax. Tie off.

9)Wrap the hackle around the base of the foam wing, tie off and form a small head with the thread. Whip finish and cement if desired.

10) Trim the foam wing to shape.

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