Fire Tiger Clouser

Fire Tiger Clouser

A fantastic tigerfish fly.


Hook 1/0 SS
Thread Red Or Clear 3/0
Tail 4 strands of Burnt Orange Crystal Flash
Body Red Floss
Wing Yellow Chartreuse and Dark Buck tail
Eyes Dumbbell Eyes

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in the Dumbbell eyes behind the eye leaving room for the head.

2) Tie in 4 strands of crystal flash for the tail above the hook barb.

3) Dress the hook shank with a few layers of red floss and paint on a few layers of Sally Hanson’s.

4) When this has dried. Reverse the hook in the jaws and tie in a small bunch of yellow buck tail in front of the eyes. At this point a few strands of flash can be added.

5) Tie in a small bunch of Chartreuse buck tail on top of the Yellow and an even smaller bunch of a dark coloured buck tail to complete the wing.

6) Finish off the head with red or chartreuse thread and apply your favourite head cement.

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