CDC & Elk

CDC & Elk

This version of the Elk Hair Caddis was developed by Hans Weilenmann.


Hook Dry Fly Hook #12 to #20
Thread Tan 6/0
Body CDC
Wing Elk or Deer Hair (Klipspringer works well)

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in a spade shaped CDC feather by its tips above the barb of the hook.

2) Wrap the CDC forward around the hook shank forming the body.

3) As the CDC gets closer to the hook eye more and moor loose strands of feather appear. Stroke these back away from the hook eye and tie off just behind the eye. Leave enough room for the wing and head.

4) Stack a small clump of Elk hair and tie in the wing with a few tight turns. The wing should not extend beyond the bend of the hook.

5) Form a neat head under the Elk hair, whip finish and apply a drop of head cement.

Hans Weilenmann Fishing Instruction Quote

The CDC & Elk is a very versatile pattern. While originally designed to be a dry caddis imitation, it has proven to be much more than just a ‘better’ caddis pattern! It is by far my most productive dry to use during mayfly hatches, as well as my staple search pattern during hatchless periods. Fish it as an emerger in the film. Or as a straight wet. It has proven to cover the full spectrum of dry, ‘damp’and wet. As an extremely effective 2-materials 2-minutes-to-tie this is one hard to pass up pattern. I suggest you try it!

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