Whistler Variation

Whistler Variation

Primarily designed for the surf the whistler is also very effective for bass.


Eyes Dumbbell (Traditional Bead Chain)
Hook Salt Water 1/0 to 6/0
Thread To Match 3/0
Flash Of Choice
Tail & Body Schlappen Hackle Feathers
Head Epoxy

Tying Instructions

1) Select 6 suitable hackle feathers with some marabou at the base.

2) Using figure of 8 wraps tie in the dumbbell eye’s just behind the eye of the hook.

3) Tie in some stiff squirrel tail (or Buck tail) at the bend of the hook. This prevents the tail feathers from wrapping.

4) Tie in some flash above the squirrel tail.

5) Now tie in the hackle feathers 3 on either side of the hook. (They may be tied either inward or outward) Remember to leave some marabou on the feather as this creates a lot of movement.

6) Tie in a little more flash on either side of the tail feathers.

7) Working toward the eye of the hook tie in hackle feathers at the marabou end (do not remove all the marabou in the traditional way) and wrap forward in tight turns.

8) The hackle colours can be varied to get different effects. A red hackle just before the eyes simulates bleeding gills. Finish off with a darker hackle.

9) Whip finish and apply a little epoxy or head cement to the head and eyes.

10) A small amount of super glue can be applied to he hook shank before wrapping to make the fly more durable

Fly Variation

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