The Bay Shrimp

The Bay Shrimp

By Christian Calliontzis

Bay Shrimp


Hook Mustad ultra sharp size 6
Thread 5x tippet or any clear thread
Tail Orange SF blend
Body Shrimp SF blend, mother of pearl flash
Eyes 4mm black dumbell eyes, 55 pound mono

Tying Instructions

1) Add the eyes about 4mm behind the eye of the hook and add a short piece of the orange attractant at the bend the hook as well as a few strands of mother of pearl.

2) Burn the mono so that you get a well-rounded black eye. Pinch the mono flat with pliers and bend slightly then tie facing downwards (Assuming the hook is in the normal position).

3) Tie in a shorter piece of the shrimp body on top and a slightly longer piece below the shorter piece. Remember to keep the fly spars.

4) Back on top add another piece of the shrimp material, tying the thread just behind the eyes. With this piece you must fold over the dumbbell eyes and tie off near the hook eye.

5) Add the final piece of shrimp material. This is the longest and most important part as it is what provides the length and most of the bulk. Tie in as you did with the first fly and again bring the excess forward but instead of trimming the piece off leave a short little piece, almost like a lip on a rapala. Super glue for added durability.


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