Peter Brigg’s Wolf Spider

Peter Brigg’s Wolf Spider

By Peter Brigg

Peter Brigg's Wolf Spider


Hook Grip 11011 BL #14 and #16
Thread Grip 11011 BL #14 and #16
Body Foam strip Approximately 3 to 4mm wide to suits fly size
Post Antron or Z Lon
Hackle Sparse ginger from a Cock Cape with fairly long fibers.

Tying Instructions

1) Wrap hook shank with tying thread and attach foam strip at the bend of the hook opposite the barb.

2) You can add under body of peacock herl or dubbing of choice and then pull foam over and secure at a point approximately one third of the hook shank behind the eye.

3) Add post and hackle feather at the tie off point in 2 above.

4) Add legs behind the parachute post (important). First back legs in pairs of Pheasant tail fibers on either side and followed by front legs in the same way. Tie these loosely so that you can pull the butt ends to create the desired leg length for the size of fly, but keep them fairly long. Add a drop of super glue and take an extra couple of wraps to secure the legs before trimming the butt ends

5) Wrap the parachute hackle feather around post with about 4 wraps and tie off, before finally trimming post to desired length.

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