Tiger Bugger

Tiger Bugger

This fly imitates a small bait fish (including juvenile tigers), and is viciously attacked by the larger tiger fish due to the territorial and aggressive nature of the tiger fish, especially in rapids.


Hook Kamasan (Deep Water Salmon) #2 or Mustad SS 34011 #4
Thread Black 3/0
Tail Marabou (white, orange, red); Crystal Flash (silver, pearl)
Body Mylar tubing / minnow body (pearl, silver); saddle hackle (white)
Eyes Nymph bead

Tying Instructions

1. Position nymph bead on hook against hook eye.

2. Dress hook with thread and position over barb of hook.

3. Tie in the tail (1/3 length of hook).

4. Build up body to suit minnow tubing diameter, starting at the base of the tail and ending at the nymph bead head.

5. Slip minnow body / mylar tubing over cylindrical body and tie behind head and at the base of the tail.

6. Tie in saddle hackle at base of tail and palmer wind forward and tie off behind bead head.

7. Super glue base of tail and behind bead head.

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