Salty Bugger

Salty Bugger

This fly is fished with a floating line in rip currents in surf, bays or estuaries.


Hook Salt Water #2 to #4
Thread 3/0 White or mono.
Tail White Marabou
Body White Sparkle dubbing or dubbing brush.
Eyes Brass Bead

Tying Instructions

1) Crimp the hook barb and slide on a brass bead.

2) Dress the hook shank with thread down to above the barb.

3) Tie in the Marabou tail above the barb. A strand or 2 of flash can be added either side.

4) At the same point form a dubbing loop and using sparkle dubbing spin a bushy dubbing noodle.

5) Wrap this forward to the bead and tie off.

6) Pinch the marabou tail to length.

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