Montana Nymph

Montana Nymph


Hook Long Shank Nymph 6 to 12
Tail Rabit Fur Olive or colour of choice
Body Chenille olive or colour of choice
Legs Hackle Olive
Thorax Cactus Chenille
Wing Case Body Colour Chenille
Head Black cotton whip finish and cement

Tying Instructions

Dress hook with thread and tie in a small clump of Rabbit fur. Any colour from black olives to brown.Tie in the body chenille and wind forward to 3/4 up the shank. Tie off on top of the hook as this piece will later be used as the wing case.

Tie in a hen hackle at this point (hackle must match gape of hook about 30% wider) Then tie in the cactus chenille wrap forward leaving room for the head and tie off.

Wrap the hackle carefully through the thorax about 3 turns and tie off.

Pull the body chenille forward over the thorax to form the wing case and tie off at the eye.

Make a neat cotton head and cement making sure the eye does not become clogged with cement.

Bret gave us a good tip for cleaning the eye of the hook, he pulls the left over piece of hackle through the eye. This cleans it up very nicely.

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