Flashy Profile

Flashy Profile

A variation on the well known shad fly.


Hook 1/0 or 2/0 SS
Thread Clear 3/0 (spook thread)
Tail Synthetic Flash Fibre Blend white
Lateral Line Pearlescent Flash
Wing Synthetic Flash Fibre Blend Colour of choice
Head Holographic Eyes and clear epoxy

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in a small bunch of the synthetic fibres 2/3 down the hook shank.

2) Tie in a few strands of Pearlescent on top.

3) Tie in the wing slightly ahead of the first bunch and form a neat taper.

4) Form an Epoxy head and stick on the eyes.

5) Turn continuously or place in a rotary drier to prevent the epoxy from running.

6) When dry trim to shape.

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