Brush Fly

Brush Fly

By Nick Nortje

Nick Nortje's brush fly


Hook 1/0 stainless steel
Thread White
Tail White marabou
Body White/pearl flash
Eyes Yellow dolls eye

Tying Instructions

1) Buy a brush maker if you have not bought Jay’s awesome new brush maker.

2) Start the cotton about half way down the hook ending just after the barb.

3) Tie in a generous amount of marabou and make a half hitch.

4) Place the brush on the top of the hook going forward and tie it in. Add a drop of super glue for some extra insurance. Pull all the fibres of the brush backwards.

5) Rotate the hook while wrapping the brush around the shank till about ¾ of the way up not forgetting to tease out the fibres using a comb or the fly will not have the required profile.

6) Tie off the brush and build a small cone. Using knot sense or clear epoxy glue your dolls eyes on and allow to dry. You can build up a head should you want extra weight, but again personal preference. Don’t forget to tease out the brush for that awesome action in the water.

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