Durban Harbour Outing

The 30th of September saw DFT head down to Durban Harbour. No less than 20 fly fishermen congregated in the Café Fish parking lot in eager anticipation to lay claim to the many species that can be caught in the Harbour.

We made our way onto the banks at 6:30 to fish the pulling tide. Earlier in the week we had heard reports of a shark sighting, so the boys timidly walked knee deep onto the banks keeping an attentive eye out for this elusive shark.

Kitting Up In The Parking Lot

On arriving at the drop off we were greeted by a pod of dolphins smashing the fish we were about to target! All of us stood in awe as we watched them no more than 10 metres from us. The shark was no longer a concern. We have been fishing the bay for years and have never seen anything like that before.

The conditions were perfect, a light puff from the NE, a pulling tied and a cool spring morning.

The boys then spread themselves out across the bank from the block at Wilsons Wharf all the way to the Café Fish pier. It was truly a fantastic sight to see the harbour laced with fly fisherman in all directions. It just a real pity that we don’t frequent the banks more often as it really is a great venue for a quick morning or evening flick.

Walking up and down chatting to everyone I was pleased to hear that the guys were enjoying themselves and were happy to support the outings. A few gurneys were landed, but nothing worth writing home about as the bigger game fish were probably chased off by the pod of dolphins that came into the Harbour.

Durban Harbour Outing

At 10:00 we called it a day and retreated to Pirates Arms for a brekkie and beer before heading home to do the chores.

A huge thanks to the DFT members for putting in the effort to attend these outings. Without you guys it would be pointless and it gives me great satisfaction seeing them turned into a success. It’s now time to get into some bigger fish!

Our next trip will be the 28th of October. Details to follow.

Tight lines!

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