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Flashy Profile

Tied by Graeme Neary (Feb 2008)

Winning Fly Tied by Tom Gifford

1/0 or 2/0 SS
Clear 3/0 (spook thread)
Synthetic Flash Fibre Blend white
Lateral Line
Pearlescent Flash
Synthetic Flash Fibre Blend Colour of choice
Holographic Eyes and clear epoxy

Tying Instructions

1) Tie in a small bunch of the synthetic fibres 2/3 down the hook shank.

2) Tie in a few strands of Pearlescent on top.

3) Tie in the wing slightly ahead of the first bunch and form a neat taper.

4) Form an Epoxy head and stick on the eyes.

5) Turn continuously or place in a rotary drier to prevent the epoxy from running.

6) When dry trim to shape.